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I believe the ethics behind Akerwalls teaching is what conductors around the world should incorporate as part of their training as musicians and as human beings

Martin Fraile



It’s actually the second time I come to the course. I’m not the only one who returns – and there’s good reason for that. I’m impressed that there is no lower limit and no upper limit for the participants level. There is no competition here, and the two gentlemen Akerwall and Rasmussen deserve praise for the fact that they have created and maintained a framework that is so humanly inclusive, in addition to being almost relentlessly demanding for all

Jonathan ofir

Denmark / Israel


“Let me say once more thank you for the wonderful week and for what stands out as simply the best conducting masterclass I ever had:

and let me tell you, I had quite many!!!

In brief, a wonderful experience, for which I am full of gratitude to the Danish Conductors Association, and which I strongly hope to get the possibility of repeating as soon as possible”.

Federico Crisanaz



“What I find the most astounding fact is that you have the pretty singular masterclasses that I’ve found yet where there are actually open discussions about interpretation. I can honestly tell you that I haven’t seen any students as baffled and fascinated about questioning their musical ideas than at your masterclasses. I find it so immensely important to have this discussions and actually having teachers that are willing to listen to anyone’s points and keep fighting the good fight so that everyone, at least has to rethink and put more effort in their decision-finding/making process. 

I want to applaud you for your obvious will to help and improve students for their own sake. While this, in my opinion, should be a logical standpoint if anyone’s wanting to teach I’ve seen to many conductors just seeing the easily earned money through the dreams of other young, and admittedly often naive musicians. They’re just not willing to give you everything they’ve got and mostly have some general ideas that they try to get through the week with. With Akerwall and Rasmussen one can feel every minute that they’re giving 100%, no matter the students previous capabilities, the learning tempo of every individual or even the willingness of a specific student to at least try to see and adapt to your point of view”.

Michael Flashberger



“The emotions that arise, the energy which is with us, around us, between us. It is unique when it occurs because it does not happen often. To feel looked after and welcome, and also be wishing the other participants the best is genuinely. I would not be without a place like this masterclass. Here, small seeds grow into beautiful flowers at record speed. That is special. Within this week something happened in me. I’ve opened up my heart, and I learned how to really listen. You have seen me for me, not just what I can and how I perform. Thank you”.

Bjørk-Guinevere Kinsella Eide



“Firstly, thank you very much for organizing an excellent masterclass in Liepaja. As I flew back I wrote down all I had learnt throughout the week and it really was astounding just how much that was. I would like to build on that experience by attending the upcoming masterclass”

Jason Witjas-Evans



“For me it was the best masterclass I have attended because I could improve my musical skills in all aspects in a relaxed ambiance with perfect organization and two great teachers. I finally understood how I must study a score and how I can create a connection with the orchestra. I am very grateful for this opportunity for learning. Congratulations again”.

Maurizio Postai



“These masterclasses are nothing less than excellent. Both because of the good teachers and exceedingly accommodating orchestra. I have attended a few times and each time, I have been given new skills and improved skills. Martin Akerwall and Frans Rasmussen complement each other in amazing ways. I had the pleasure of having Frans as a teacher, mentor and role model for many years and he has continually more to offer. It is a pleasure! Martin’s incredible focus and insistent quality would be overwhelming if not for his simultaneously gentle and generous praise and support. These two teachers have an interaction that makes it an unspeakable pleasure to attend – and that you can be happy being invited to”.

Jonas Viggo Pedersen


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