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International Masterclasses for Orchestral Conductors

Orchestral Conductors Academy (OCA) organizes international master classes for conductors with fully equipped professional orchestras mainly in Europe and Scandinavia. Our purpose is to create development incitements and positive connection between the future conductors and the orchestras.The courses are designed to make the progress and experience for the participant unique and intense.

With only 10 participants per class, you will be in center of the experience with plenty of podium time, video analysis and individual coaching. The masterclasses provides you with an unique opportunity to optimize and work with your individual challenges in the art of conducting with some of Scandinavian’s top-coaches for conductors.

Orchestral Conductors Academy takes pride in offering courses of an intense and high standard. Based on thorough research of the market in courses for conductors we have developed a “No-Nonsense” concept where we strive to put each conductor in the center of the course for the week. We do not want to waste your money or time by giving you a week to dream away in front of a symphony orchestra. We give you the experience and tools to make your dream come true by improve your personal understanding of how to improve yourself. We want for you to become an even more respected and professional conductor with better chances to navigate through your career as a conductor.

The OCA masterclasses takes place in both Scandinavian and Europe and provides conductors the possibility to optimize their conducting skills in front of an orchestra conducting the principal symphonic repertoire including opera, ballet, symphony and chamber music. The tutoring includes analyzing scores, conducting and rehearsal techniques, performance practice, aspects of psychological and rhetoric communication techniques.

Masterclasses for all-level conductors

The masterclasses are for all-level conductors who wants to improve their skills in ensemble leadership and orchestral conducting in all its aspects. We welcome professional conductors, conducting students, chorus masters, bandmasters, instrumentalists, music teachers. In fact our philosophy embraces the knowledge-sharing of conductors with different levels of experience. All masterclasses are international and there are no limit of age for participation.

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